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Why We Love Cabin Style Architecture

New Zealand isn't known for its cabin style architecture, and in fact most kiwis don't resonate with the term, most opting for the 'Beach Bach' as the family getaway and the stereotypical weekend retreat. However, New Zealand shares a connection with a certain geography type that connects us with a unique and distinctive way of living in these climatic conditions.

New Zealand is well known the world over for its,

- Deep lakes

- Rivers

- Pine forests

- Snow-capped mountains

- Steep valleys

- Trout and fly fishing

- Deer and Antlers

- Open fires, axes, and wood

These all connect Aotearoa with the upper half of North America - which shares a similar set of flora and fauna, and the Architecture and Décor that is associated with it is becoming increasingly popular down under, as we continue to grow our identification with this way of living and the comfort it brings. Cabin Style Architecture, Log Cabins, Loft buildings – its not important what you call it, its what this way of living and these buildings provide the soul.

Source: Traditional Log Cabin - Interconnected notched logs

So what is Cabin Style Architecture and why do we love it?

The buildings themselves are simple, brought to North America by Swedish settlers in the 17th century, and as they were built on the frontier where building materials were scarce, they were engineered to be built off the land. No nails, no metal, minimal glass, timber shingle roofs - the bare basics of building technology, designed to provide shelter and not much else. Although they have developed over time to much grander and more extravagant homes – the acknowledgement to the early Swedish settlers stands true with the Architectural fundamentals of log cabins being sustained.

The connection for some people is Nostalgia, maybe a holiday or regular getaway when they were younger and quality time with family or friends, for others, its adventure, being close to nature and following the path of the pioneers that worked their way through the forests. For others yet it’s the simplicity of life that cabin style architecture and buildings provide, no built-in technology, no internet or TV, just the simple life and going back to basics. Most importantly, cabins foster and favour human bonding over privacy, cooking and eating together, doing a puzzle or playing a boardgame – the fundamentals of our social and family development.

Source: No Tech and an open fire bring people together

How to create a cabin style feel, without the a log cabin?

Not everyone has a log cabin, or lives in an alpine climate, but the feeling of comfort and the connection to the wild can still be bought into the typical urban house. Cabins are about creating a feeling, for everyone that feeling is different, but for me it’s a feeling of comfort of being sheltered from the elements, a feeling of family connectedness, a feeling of being ‘away from it all’, and a feeling of adventure.

You can create the same feelings in your home with a few simple steps and bring that imagination to life with some simple wall art, maybe a forged Axe or hatchet as hanging piece, or the addition of a brazier or open fire to warm the home our outdoor area.

Check out our Canvas Wall Art range and bring some Log Cabin love into your home.

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