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Colours and trends that are vibing for Spring/Summer 2022

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

It might may well be the middle of the year, and getting pretty frosty in some parts of the country, but before we know it those deciduous trees will be hinting at warmer weather as they start to blossom – and for a linen and homewares supplier like Aspen and Fern that specialises in patterns and colour, Spring is our favourite time of the year! New life, beautiful, natural palettes of both earthy and vibrant tones makes for a feast for the eyes with pattern and play everywhere. As we look ahead from the bleak and moody days of mid-winter – here are a few colours and trends we see kicking us into the warmer months ahead.

MAXIMALISM - Less is less, and more is more, so get a lil’ busy. Our brains crave visual interest, and it’s a tough balance between flooding the senses, and getting them stimulated at all. We see and encourage more pattern, colour, and creativity in your space, use it is as a tool to express yourself and how you want your home to feel.

“Maximalism is the art of finding an attractive balance between layered patterns, saturated colours, ample accessories and art so that more really does become more” - Resene NZ

If you are going to delve into the world of maximalism, then don’t go too extreme with clashing colours, use softer earthy tones that complement each other. We love seeing Resene pushing an old favourite of ours in Duck Egg Blue, and Sorrento, against deeper, darker tones such as Resene Scoria, then complement your wall colours with patterned fabrics such as Aspen and Ferns Wanderer Pillowcases and sheets to complete the look.

Earthy palates are a hot favourite and we love styling bedrooms with grounded shades of greens and nature browns, paired with a touch of blush floral NZ art - Maiko Nagao

Plaid Linen Bedding with floral artwork on white half wall

ECLECTIC PATTERNS - like Maximalism, this one takes a careful balance between not enough and too much. Matchy-matchy has been out for a while, and doesn’t look like he’s coming back anytime soon. Encourage blending and pairing different patterns to create your own vibe.

By playing with patterns and mixing and matching, you can create a style that is uniquely yours. Geometrics and bold florals can add a beautiful complementary style of pattern and colour to make a room interesting, cosy, and inviting. Floral 'everything' is right on trend, and what better way to create a happy mood in the home than with flowers! One of our interior favourites Haven Magazine gives some great examples of vibrant decor inspo and ideas in a recent article.

INVITE THE OUTDOORS IN - It felt like we only just got through the last variant of Covid before we had to bunker down for winter and the kids are off sick with the standard flu! The last couple of years have seen us homebound, and the engrained desire for travel and going somewhere exotic burns deep.

Dark linen sheets with timber feature walls behind and white duvet cover

The best and easiest way to create an inside overseas holiday is through pattern and colour. Think tropical plants, beach vibes, forest adventures, and remember don't be afraid to play around with a range of textures. This can be created through almost any soft furnishings.... throws, cushions, tablecloths, and pillowcases. We also love to the use of indoor plants, not only do these look beautiful, a lot of these are a great way to naturally clean the air in you home.

Using different textures creates a homely vibe and can bring warmth to a your space - Aspen & Fern

So there it is, looks like we will all still be enjoying the more is more approach to interiors for some time to come, go on, get a little adventurous!


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