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Peppermint Snow pillowcases, a green and white gingham design.

Shop 100% French Flax Linen Pillowcases

Bedroom setting with floral wall art and designer linen cushions

Health and Sustainability

Linen is naturally breathable, hypoallergenic, pathogen resistant and anti-bacterial, so what better fabric to rest your face on every night. Linen is made naturally and is free from harmful chemicals and substances, it really makes for the perfect bedtime fabric.

It’s also sustainable. Linen is one of the most naturally sustainable textiles on the market. The production process is natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. All of Aspen and Ferns Linen pillowcases are Oeko-Tex certified, which is the international standard to ensure fabrics are not harmful to human health. For more information about Aspen and Ferns environmental and eco views, check out our sustainable vision page, which explains why we do what we do, and how we do it.

The Case of the Pillow, and everything you need to know about your unknown best friend.

Nothing touches your face for longer in your life than your pillowcase. We have an intimate and lifelong relationship with this often ignored piece of fabric yet so little is ever understood or analysed about pillowcases, typically only how they look and how often to wash them. However, there is much more to the humble pillowcase than meets the eye. Read on to understand how to care for, style, and properly use your pillowcase, and thank us later.


How to select and style a pillowcase set

What comes first, the pillow or the pillowcase? Most pillows are a standard size, unless you’re into feature pillows like Europeans or therapeutic pillows like memory foam or side sleepers, then chances are that you have a ‘standard’ size pillow, which is approximately 51cm deep, by 66cm wide (21 inches x 26inches). As such, most pillowcases for sale in New Zealand are designed to fit that size pillow. So that’s the easy part. The trickier part is then how to make this unsung hero pop out – and this is where Aspen and Ferns wildly beautiful linen pillowcases come into play. Fun, friendly, and classy at the same time, adding a pattern or pop of colour can truly make your bedroom. Similar to duvet covers , these can be paired with almost anything and look good, play with some patterned sheets, block colours or style with some cushions or throws. There is no rulebook anymore for stylizing your bed – just make it your own.


How to clean and care for my pillowcases

All of Aspen and Ferns linen pillowcases are 100% French Flax linen, so they are hypoallergenic, breathable, and get softer over time – the perfect bedtime companion. This means that you need to care for them the same way you care for your linen sheets or Duvet covers, check out our guide on how to care for your linen. Other than having a quick and easy cleaning process, the real beauty of linen is in naturally crinkled natural look, this means that if you also love this look – then don’t worry about ironing your pillowcases. We especially love the breathability aspects of linen for pillowcases, this means that they don’t absorb moisture like other fabrics, making your linen pillowcase a fresh, clean and dry surface for that perfect nights sleep.


Are there different types of pillowcases, and how do I know what to choose?

Although pillows are a standard size, they also vary a lot in terms of thickness, puffiness, firmness and softness. Luckily Aspen and Ferns pillowcases have a level of tolerance that will mean they fit almost any standard size pillow. In New Zealand, pillowcases are not meant to be a snug, perfect fit, so there is always a bit of wiggle room that will allow our pillowcases to work nicely with your pillows. Aspen and Fern pillowcases have a built in cover sleeve, so there are no hard buttons or hard edges.

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