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Moonlift ferns design on linen pillowcases and sheets. The dark background contrasts the highlighted ferns and leaves.

Shop 100% French Flax Linen Sheets 

Cot sheet laid out showing the Blossom Blush design. A delicate display of soft pinks, purples and greens, showing beautiful peonies throughout the cot sheet.

Everything you need to know about our Linen Sheets.

Soft, supple, and oozing style – our linen sheets are carefully crafted to be long lasting, comfortable, and elegant. Read on for our guide to caring for and styling your linen sheets.

For information on how to care for your linen sheets, visit our caring for linen guide which explains how to wash, dry, store and rotate your linen sheets. Or for information about how linen is made, visit our blog on the linen making process, which explains the history and step by step by step process of flax linen.

Sustainability is front of mind at Aspen and Fern, and our guide to sustainability explains how our linen sheets on sale in New Zealand are grown, manufactured, processed and packaged with the environment considered at every step.

Styling your linen sheets is a personal and bespoke process, so feel free to mix and match for something a bit extra, or blend with neutrals to make your patterns pop.

All fabrics have their pros and cons, however not many lean as much towards pros as natural flax linen sheets. As far as a suitable textile for bed sheets, we can’t see how you can go past them. Linen wont stretch, breathes, is hypo-allergenic, washes and dries easily, and softens with use and age, and the list goes on – what else do you need.

This review offers a great comparison of the various mainstream sheet products and the pros and cons for each. Clean sustainable, and naturally produced, linen sheets make the perfect product and set the benchmark for bed sheets.

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