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Help! .... How do I style my bedroom?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

So your always seeing all these cool bedrooms browsing and you would love a bedroom like this, but don't how how to create one for yourself?

You know the colours you like, you know the style you like, then why is it so difficult to know where to start?!

Never fear, I'm here to help you with a few tips that will get you on your way to having a bedroom that your friends and family will think an interior designer has whipped on in and thrown together something amazing.

TIP #1

Consider the size and space you are working with....This is crucial when designing a bedroom. By space I don't just mean the size of the flooring you are placing everything on, this includes the full cubic interior space. Things like, ceiling heights, window size/location and walls you have to work with.

A bedroom needs to feel intimate and cozy, without feeling squished, and this can be tricky balance! So for example, if you have a reasonably big bedroom with really high ceilings, then your going to need to balance this empty vertical space out with a large and preferably raised bed. If you went for say a smaller low, futon bed in this situation, then laying on it will feel like the roof is miles away, and its going to create a distant airy feeling mood in the room. Not ideal. This works in reverse, if you have a tiny small bedroom then there's no point in cramming in a large king bed for the sake of it as it will feel like your sleeping in a small box.

Also consider your space when it comes to other furnishings, for example bed side tables. Don't go and purchase two bedside tables if you are going to have to cram them in with no space to move feely around the bed. A better option here would be to get one bedside table and then balance out the other side of the bed with something smaller like a plant, OR alternatively you could opt to push your bed into the corner of the room, so that the single bedside table can shimmy up next to this and won't look out of place.

Main thing here is consider the items you have for the overall space, before you place them.

TIP #2

Be Careful with Colour... This doesn't mean avoid colour! Colour is fantastic and adds so much depth to a room. What I mean is to carefully chose your colours based on other elements and factors. For example:

  • How much natural light do you have coming into the room? This is really important as if you only one small window letting in light, then opting for dark colours is going to make everything feel smaller, darker and won't be super inviting. Instead try opting for fresh whites or lighter colours on the walls and ceiling and bring your dark tones into your styling. I.e- decor pieces, cushions and artwork.

  • How big or small is the room? Similar to above, if the room is tiny then going to dark is going to box it in and feel cold and small. Remember, lighter equals brighter :)

  • What mood are you wanting to create when you enter this room? Consider the mood you are wanting to feel when you are in this room. Without realising it, certain colours can subconsciously create feelings for us. For example RED is a strong colour that make us feel danger, speed, stopping, efficiency, so alot of this in a bedroom isn't ideal if you want to create a relaxing sleep environment. Instead try opting for colours like blues, purples, pinks, neutrals and just softer tones that are going to create a sense of peace and calm.


Try using Textures..... I love this one! Don't be afraid to get creative with texture, as a range of textures can bring so much depth and character to a bedroom. There is no rule on how many textures you can bring to one space, as long you you tie in your colours and the room feel balanced then load me up I say.

Different textures create different emotions. Take fast food restaurants for example, you will always find they stick to limited textures and cold surfaces and finishes throughout, the reason is, they don't want you getting too comfy and hanging around for too long. Shiny cold surface items everywhere will subconsciously make this feel like a quick place to stop, and in result you will eat and promptly leave. In reverse a bedroom should be a place you want to be able to hang in, feel warm and relaxed, so bringing in a good variety of soft furnishings like flax linen bedding, wool blankets, textured pillows, uneven rugs will give you this feeling.


Have fun with Pattern ....

Clearly Aspen and Fern was created with a love of pattern and colour, so its inevitable I'm going to get pretty excited about pattern :)

Pattern can be used so well in any bedroom, it doesn't have to just be used for children's bedrooms.

I think too often we will resort to just white and neutrals for our interior decor because its a 'safe' option. We know this will give us a simple, safe result we will be satisfied with, but it's when you venture into the uncharted waters of pattern and colour you will find an even better result you will love!

The easiest way to start using more pattern in your bedroom is to use it removable furnishings, things like bedding, rugs, blanket pillows etc...this way if you eventually want a change, all you have to do is whip it off and replace it with something else. If you opt for strong pattern in things like wallpaper and feature walls, then although awesome it's a bit more difficult to change up the overall style of the room if you are just starting out with patterns and not 100% confident. Extra tip - When using pattern in your bedding then don't be afraid to mix it up with BLOCK COLOUR contrasting throws and cushions. This is break up the pattern and will also bring in other forms of texture - as I talked about above. If you want to mix one bold pattern with another then this is fine but try and ensure the colours within the patterns compliment each other or are similar tones.

TIP #5

It's a Balancing act.... What does this mean? It means, 'keep things easy on the eye'. What does that mean??? That means, when you walk into the room everything within that room needs to feel balanced and in the right place.

Balance doesn't mean everything has to be symmetrical and perfectly the same on either side of the room, balance can be created in many ways....

If you have a piece of artwork you want to place on the left have side of your bed, then you could balance out the right side of your bed, by placing a piece of decor - as long as the items of a similar size, OR just sit at a similar height then you will create a sense of balance in the space.

The rule applies for everything in you do when you put a room together. Take time to really think about balance when you looking around the room, ensuring all visual space is used and contrasting to create an even feel.

Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas to be able to create your own awesome interior styled bedroom with a bit more confidence. Enjoy!!

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