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How to Care for Linen Sheets

Unlike most fabrics, Flax Linen is unique in that it gets better with age, it naturally softens with use and if cared for properly, a set of sheets can last for decades. Like anything though, there are a few simple rules to go by in looking after your sheets, all of which are answered below:

How to wash my Linen sheets?

100% French Flax Linen is soft and gentle, so the washing process should be the same. Wash your linen sheets on a cold or warm gentle cycle. Mild detergents are preferable so as to protect the fibers, do not bleach and always read the manufacturers care instructions.

How to wash my Linen sheets?

Linen is light and breathable, so it is fairly easy to dry naturally. Make sure you try and dry it in a shady position as the sun and UV can fade and temporarily stiffen the fabric. Always try and dry naturally, although some other manufacturers have noted that machine drying is OK on a low heat and to be removed prior to being fully dry, Aspen and Fern does not recommend the use of machine drying in any case, as like any fabric, there is always the risk of fibre damage and shrinking.

Do I need to Iron my Linen sheets?

You can, but you shouldn't need to. The beauty of linen is that it can look used, cosy, and relaxed - while still looking clean and fresh. In fact the creases and wrinkles are what contribute to its soft and inviting look and feel.

If you do prefer to iron, we suggest doing so while it is still slightly damp, and if it is a dark or patterned linen, only iron on the reverse side on a low/cool heat.

Where to Store my Linen sheets?

Linen is naturally hypoallergenic, and deals with moisture well - but no fabric likes the damp or UV. Keep your linen stored in a dry cupboard away from any direct sunlight. It will naturally deter any insects or creepy crawlys, so stay away from plastic bags or anything that doesn't allow it to breathe. If it has been stored for an extensive amount of time make sure to give it a good airing or wash prior to using again.

Should I Dry Clean my Linen?

Not recommended, dry cleaning can break down and weaken the fibres, and with the above info at hand, there should really be no need to be taking your linen to the drycleaners.


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